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Visit to Alligator Adventure

We went to Alligator Adventure in north Myrtle Beach on 9/28/2005. Here's a few pictures we took of our visit.
It's a nice place overall, a ton of gators and a huge croc named Utan. Quite a number of other interesting animals as well.
I've labeled the pictures with the type of animal except for a few instances where I cannot remember, or just have no idea.
The pics are large, 1024x768, so it may take a bit to load them on dial up connections.

American Alligators basking
A Cockatoo A Heron Gators being gators
More gator pics. (There's a ton of gators there)
Sulcata tortoises
The bird
Feeding time for the gatorsGreen AnacondaJungle Carpet
Rainbow Boas
Green MambaPatagonian cavy
(thanks Jessa)
A bank of cages
CottonmouthBanded Rock Rattlers
Crotalus lepidus klauberi
Yellow Eyelash ViperCopperhead

Aruba Isl. Rattler

Gaboon Viper


Puff Adder

Reticulated python

Albino Burms

Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard

Roughneck Monitor?

A lizard... I don't know
Fly River Turtle... Very neatPlated lizardsGila Monsters
Gila MonsterMonitor LizardsNile Monitor
I believe
Albino American Alligators
Albino gatorThe Galapagos and Aldabra tortoisesAquatic turtles

Clay Davenport
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