Locality Okeetee Corns
By Chip Bridges

Chip has assembled an exceptional group of wild caught and F1 corns all directly from the hunt club in Jasper County SC, and I am pleased to be able to display them here on the website as well as to have 2.2 of his offspring in my own collection.
All of these oketees are completely unrelated to any other lines in captivity, whether actually true locality or not. The interest with this group is to preserve the bloodline of that area in captivity. There's no fear of producing mutants with these snakes, just more of this amazing wild type coloration with the true locality heritage.
It is hoped that more people will become interested in preserving this natural line of corns. I find it unfortunate that with all the people who keep and breed corns there is so little appreciation for these beautiful wild type specimens.

Click on the thumbnails for larger pics

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mamacorn rhett butler rhett1 003_1 vacation 057_1

Chip has a significant collection of these locality corns, and more pictures will be posted soon, including pictures of the famous Rhett Butler and Scarlett which are also now in his collection.
You can contact Chip about the locality okeetees at Ashevillepaint@aol.com.
2003 All photos on this page are the property of Chip Bridges

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