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Future Projects

I have a few new things in the works for the next few years. I will list them here for the most part and take some pictures as I get time.

(Aspidites ramsayi)

I began keeping this terrific species when I acquired a pair of yearlings in 2003. These are fantastic pythons. Great dispositions and an all around joy to keep.
I haven't yet been able to reproduce them, btu I will be trying again in 2006.

Savu Pythons

I have always liked these small pythons with their striking white eyes and big attitudes. I traded for my first pair in 2007 and am looking forward to working on reproducing them.

Centralian pythons
(Morelia bredli)

Beautiful reddish colored pythons that are always on the list of anyone interested in the carpet python group. They're a little more difficult to breed than some of their relatives, and I failed to succeed with them in 2008, but I remain hopeful that I will get them figured out and see some hatchlings with luck this season.

Clay Davenport
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