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Kings and Milks

Cal Kings
Albino Nelsoni
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Gray Banded Kings

The Lampropeltis genus has always been one of my favorites. I currently keep around 15 specimens from 4 species of this group, and they remain my favorite colubrids.
Some of the kings, including the often recommended California king, can be nippy, particularly as hatchlings, and some are prone to the occasional exploratory bite when being held. Others however, are very docile. As always, it depends much on the individual, and there are always exceptions, but from my experience most of the various species can be catagorized with a certain extent of accuracy. Both the mountain kings and the nelson's milks have proven to be exceptionally docile in my collection, but most of my hatchling cal kings are quick to defend themselves, and the adult brooksi I have kept were known for their tendency to give you a test bite if there was a scent of anything at all on you.
All in all though these are an exceptional group of snakes to keep, and there's pretty much something for everybody among the varied species.

This page was growing fairly large, and to save extended download times I decided to split it up into several pages, one for each species or subgroup. You can click on the graphics at the top of the page to go the specific pages for each species.

Clay Davenport
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