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Each link on this page is here for a reason. Massive link pages serve no purpose when any and all links are included. If I feel a website is worth spending time on for the quality of information, or other reasons, I will include the link here.
Any site that sells something will only be included here if I have personally done buisness with them and would recommend them to others.
I appreciate those who feel my site is worth linking to, but please be aware that I may or may not add a link in return. I will review sites requesting links and if I feel they meet the standards they will be added.

Personal Pages

John Hollister, Reptile Hobbyist - Good information concerning husbandry techniques and general tips gained from practical experience.
Waffa House Reptiles - Homepage of Brad Waffa, a like minded herper I had the pleasure of meeting
Snakes of Hudspeth County -- This is Jason Penney's site, I recommend it for the great photographs, very nicely done.

Places of Interest

Fauna Classifieds Forums - Excellent resource for information and a free classifieds.
Board of Inquiry - Fauna Classifieds board of inquiry (direct link). Know who you are buying from, check them out here.
The Reptile Rooms
Ratsnakes.com - A very nice overview of the genus Elaphe

Dry goods suppliers
I consider including a link in either the dry goods or feeder supplier sections an endorsement of that buisness. Therefore only those with whom I have done buisness and would recommend are listed here

The Bean Farm - Where I get all my heating supplies
Superior Enterprise - I get the majority of my deli cups and some other dry goods from these guys
Reptile Direct - The best price I have found on ZooMed 500R thermostats
Mosser Lee - A source for bulk long fibered sphagnum moss which is impossible to find in my area.
Twin Oaks Aquariums - Builders of excellent aquaria, located in Tennessee

Feeder Suppliers
The Feeder Store - Supplier of Dubia roaches and other feeder roaches.
Rodent Pro - Highly recommended source for feeder rodents
Big Cheese Rodent Factory - Good specials at certain times of the year
Ghann's Cricket Farm
Southern Cricket Wholesalers
Armstrong's Crickets
The Superworm Farm Inc.

Classifieds - Buy/Sell

Kingsnake.com classifieds - The premier herp classifieds page on the net
FaunaClassifieds.com - Free classifieds site with forums
Reptile Classifieds

Herpetological Resources

EMBL Reptile Database -- Excellent taxonomic reference
Cornsnake Pictures and Facts -- Information on the ever popular cornsnakes
Pronunciation of Biological Latin
Captive Breeding and Longevity Database -- Frank and Kate Slavens
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server
Animal Diversity Web -- University of Michigan
CITES webpage - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Endangered Species Information - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service page
VenomousReptiles.org - Southeastern Hot Herp Society

Clay Davenport
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