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Dwarf Monitors

This has been a very enjoyable project to be involved with. These small monitors are probably the most entertaining and fascinating lizards I have ever kept. I just can't say enough about them. They are very inquisitive, and lethal hunters. They are a pure joy to observe.
After several years of reading about and admiring the various smaller monitors, I finally purchased a pair of Red Ackies (V. acanthurus) in the summer of 2001.
Two or three months later I picked up 4 yellow ackies, which are now grown and have started breeding.
I hope to work with some more species in the future, includung freckleds (V.t.orientalis), and Kimberly rocks (V.glauerti), but there are no immediate plans to get in to more monitors at the present time.

Red Ackies

ackie_f.jpg - 32813 Bytes   ackies2.jpg - 22595 Bytes

Yellow Ackies

These pictures of the yellow ackies are quite old now, taken when they were less than 3 weeks old. They are now several times that size and have started breeding. I keep meaning to get some new pictures taken, but haven't gotten to it yet.

yackie1.jpg - 33333 Bytes

yackie2.gif - 9161 Bytes
yackie3.gif - 8243 Bytes
yackie4.gif - 7981 Bytes
yackie5.gif - 8220 Bytes
yackie6.gif - 6518 Bytes
yackie7.gif - 7628 Bytes

Clay Davenport
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