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In addition to the snakes and lizards that make up my collection, I also have some odds and ends. I'll put up pics here occasionally of some of them.
snapper.jpg - 37953 Bytes

My common snapper. I found this guy in a mud puddle on a dirt road when he was quite small.
He has since developed an attitude and a huge appetite for anything that drops in the water.

white knee

This is our Brazilian White Knee tarantula. The photo shows the burrow she is currently using. It's is interesting to see how she incorporated the leaf of the silk plant into the roof of the tunnel by curling it and packing soil on the edges.
In the past I hadn't had much interest in invertebrates, but my wife and son suggested we get one and I have found them to be very neat creatures to be sure.
In the edge of the picture you can see her discarded exoskeleton, she had molted the night before.
We got her as a 1/4" spiderling in June 2003 and this photo was taken in August. She is standing beside a regular bottle cap from a 16oz drink bottle. The amount of growth in 2 months has been amazing.

This picture was taken in early November 2003. Considerable growth since August.
Click the pickture for a larger version.

Clay Davenport
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