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Asian Ratsnakes

Please Note:

In 2002 I made the very difficult decision to sell all my asian ratsnakes. I have had much enjoyment working with this group of snakes and intend to keep some other species in the future, but for now I need to focus on some other projects.
I wish their new keepers much success and many years of enjoyment. I will leave this page up for the time being.

Information from here down is outdated and remains here for archival purposes only.
I am not currently keeping any of these species.

The asian ratsnakes are a fascinating group to work with. Their large size makes them somewhat unusual in the Elaphe genus. Their personality, in some cases anyway, adds to their appeal.
At present I am working with 3 species/subspecies of the asian rats, the Taiwan Beauties (E. t. friesei), the Vietnamese Blue Beauty (E. t. ssp), and the Radiated ratsnake (E. radiata).

Taiwan Beauty

I am maintaining 1.1 Taiwan Beauties. They are 3 1/2 years old and around 7 1/2 feet at last measurement. This is my third season producing these snakes. My adults are very docile, and to my surprise all the hatchlings have been as well. While they are flighty, they are reluctant to bite right out of the egg. A big difference in temperment as compared to other asian rats.
They are big snakes with big appetites, but their care is very straightforward, and they are a joy to work with.

tai_eat.jpg - 33590 Bytes tai_egg3.jpg - 37465 Bytes

Vietnamese Blue Beauty

I currently have 1.2 blue beauties in my collection. They are very similar to the Taiwans. They are quite docile, but a little more nervous than the Taiwans. I have not found them to be particuarly nippy though.
Their care is virtually identical to their Taiwan cousins, with the exception that they need higher humidity, particularly during shedding.
This is my first season producing these snakes.

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

MaleFemale #2

Radiated Ratsnake

I currently only have one female radiated in my collection. I call her SOS, short for spawn of satan. This evil creature is the most violent snake I have ever kept, but I love her. She will fight to avoid being held at all costs, and once you manage to grab hold of her, she rotates between trying to get away and biting your hands and arms. She is particularly fond of facial strikes, although I have thus far managed to avoid them. She is only about 5 feet long however. I expect her to be more of a handful once she is fully grown.
As a species though, these are fascinating snakes. The defensive display is quite interesting to observe. The front third of the body is raised and the neck is vertically flattened and drawn into a tight "S". The mouth is held open in the threat posture, and the snake will lunge forward striking repeatedly.
These are beautiful snakes, and I am glad to have one as part of my collection. I have considered getting an additional pair of albinos, but am not entirely sure I want any more of these demons to take care of :) .

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

radiated.gif - 11028 Bytes
Here she is in one of her brief as well as rare calm moments just after having the hide box removed.
rad_threat.gif - 10125 Bytes
And this is 15 seconds later, which is about the limit of her patience with being disturbed.
radiated2.gif - 8235 Bytes Sneaked this pic without disturbing her while she was roaming around.

Clay Davenport
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