I remain a big fan of nearly all pythons, particularly Austrailian species. My very first snake was a ball python, back before they were everyone's favorite fad. I purchased her as an adult in 1990 and still have her today.
I was hooked on the Aussie species in 1997 when I bought my first pair of Jungle Carpets from Dave and Tracy Barker. They were 6 years old before I finally managed to successfully breed them.
In 2002 I rolled almost $2000 worth of change to buy my first pair of womas, which I also still have. They are a wonderful species.
One species I've always intended to work with but haven't yet is White Lipped Pythons. I did own a very nice and quite docile specimen for a few hours that I purchased at a show where I was vending. While I was at my table holding it, a young man still in college at the time with a particular passion for the species came up and started a conversation. His interest in the pure hobby impressed me and I ended up selling it to him to add to his group. I just haven't ventured into them again since.
I do continue to keep all the species listed below though, click on their links to go to the species pages.