Cages Etc.

Here I will post some pictures of the enclosures and various other things I have designed and built to keep and breed the different species I have worked with.

I do not build cages for others at this time. I thank those who have inquired for your consideration, but I simply do not have the time to do it.

Check out Basic Cage Building 101 for a quick starter to help you get into making your own cages. I'll be listing various tips and tricks I have learned along the way on that page.
I have also added a page detailing How to wire Flexwatt heat tape for those that have been inquiring about it.
Also please see this new page concerning serious precautions to be taken with flexwatt, here

Please note, I do not use any form of plans to build my cages. I merely draw a rough sketch with the final dimensions and figure the rest in my head as I go. For this reason, I would appreciate it if you would not email me asking for cage plans.
I have however started using Google SketchUp to design other projects around the house. It is a fantastic program for designing all kinds of things. In the future, I will use it to design new cages as well and will add a section here to download the SketchUp files for those of you that use that program.
IF I find myself with some downtime, I may go back and make some ShetchUp files for the older cage designs. It' ssomething I would like to do, but I make no promises at this time.

You are welcome to email me with any specific questions about my cages, or anything you don't understand how I did. I'll do my best to explain it.

I built three of these 4x2x18 cages. Made from 1.2" plywood with a melamine bottom. They are heated with flexwatt and have flourescent lights installed. Click on the picture for a larger version.

4x2 Step by Step Construction.

This is one of two identical cages. The dimensions are 3'x 2'x 16" high. The door is framed 1/4" plate glass, and it is heated with a 2' length of 11" wide flexwatt. Click on the thumb for a larger pic.

3x2 Step by Step Construction.
The overall dimensions of this cage are 4'x 4'x 30" deep. It was built using pine shelving board for a panelled look. The cage was later modified to use barrel bolts for latches and flexwatt heaters were installed when it was converted to house adult boas.

Step by Step Construction.
grcage.gif - 21189 Bytes
A custom glass enclosure with bookstand pedestal housing a trio of grandis day geckos.
I would like to claim this cage as mine, but I did not build it. I got it with some green tree pythons back in the nineties.