Gray Banded Kingsnakes

(Lampropeltis alterna)

I have only kept few pairs of Alterna. To really work with them I would have to dedicate a significant amount of cage space to them due to their variability, having of course to include a decent amount of that variation in my collection. I've never been in a position to keep a large group, so I limited myself to just a few specimens to use as part of a feeding study I conducted for a few breeding seasons.
Currently I am not keeping any alterna. This is not because I don't like them but due to the fact I'm very picky with this species and the cage space mentioned earlier.
They are an awesome species to work with, and the nicest looking ones make fine single animal displays. Breeding them is a nice challenge for the intermediate keeper, getting eggs is not too difficult, but the hatchlings often take some effort to get started on pinks.

Below is a few pictures of a couple of the alterna I have had