Each link on this page is here for a reason. Massive link pages serve no purpose when any and all links are included. If I feel a website is worth spending time on for the quality of information, or other reasons, I will include the link here.
Any site that sells something will only be included here if I have personally done buisness with them and would recommend them to others.
I appreciate those who feel my site is worth linking to, but please be aware that I may or may not add a link in return. I will review sites requesting links and if I feel they meet the standards they will be added.

Personal Pages

John Hollister, Reptile Hobbyist - Good information concerning husbandry techniques and general tips gained from practical experience.
Waffa House Reptiles - Homepage of Brad Waffa, a like minded herper I had the pleasure of meeting
Snakes of Hudspeth County - This is Jason Penney's site, I recommend it for the great photographs, very nicely done.

Places of Interest

Fauna Classifieds Forums - Excellent resource for information and a free classifieds.
Board of Inquiry - Fauna Classifieds Board of Inquiry (direct link). Know who you are buying from, check them out here. - A very nice overview of the genus Elaphe

Dry Goods Suppliers

I consider including a link in either the dry goods or feeder supplier sections an endorsement of that buisness. Therefore only those with whom I have done buisness and would recommend are listed here

Reptile Basics - I've done business with Rich for years, many products at fair prices and excellent service.
The Bean Farm - Another company I've purchased from many times, good selection of products.
Superior Shipping Supplies - Any and all products for your shipping needs
Mosser Lee - A source for bulk long fibered sphagnum moss which is impossible to find in my area. - Known to the old hands as Twin Oaks Aquariums, Builders of excellent aquaria, located in Tennessee

Feeder Suppliers

Rodent Pro
Big Cheese Rodent Factory
Mice Direct
Armstrong's Cricket Farm
Ghann'a Crickets

Classifieds - Buy/Sell

Fauna Classifieds Classifieds

Herpetological Resources

The Reptile Database - Formerly known as EMBL Reptile Database, an excellent taxonomic reference
Cornsnake Pictures and Facts - Information on the ever popular cornsnakes
Pronunciation of Biological Latin
Captive Breeding and Longevity Database - Frank and Kate Slavens
CITES webpage - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Endangered Species Information - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service page - Southeastern Hot Herp Society