Dwarf Monitors

(Varanus acanthurus)

After several years of reading about and admiring the various smaller monitors, I finally purchased an adult pair of Red Ackies in the summer of 2001. Two or three months later I picked up 4 hatchling yellow ackies.
These are the only varanids I have experience with, but I can say they are the most interesting lizards I've ever kept. They are very inquisitive, exceptional hunters, and a joy to observe.
I worked with these lizards for about 12 years, and I'm reluctant to admit I only succeded in reproducing them once. There was only four or five of those years that were breeding years though. The yellow ackie group grew up to be 3.1 which was a disadvantage. They did breed however, and the female laid a number of clutches, as did the reds during this time. My failure was in incubation.
Then when the yellow group was about 7 years old, for reasons I cannot explain, one or more of the males turned on the female and nearly beat her to death. I separated her to her own enclosure and tried for several weekss to nurse her back to health, but she just never recovered.
I had traded my red pair not long before this, so then I was left with three male yellows. Not wanting to introduce adult females to this established group, I just maintained the males for a few more years before letting them go to others as pets.

Red Ackies
Yellow Ackies

The pictures of the yellow ackies below were taken when they were hatchlings. I cannot locate other pictures I know I have of them, including their offspring. Should I find them I'll add them to the page.