The Wish List

While I haven't added any new animals to my collection in several years now, these are some of the animals I might be interested in acquiring. I may not be looking hard, but I would at least give them some serious consideration if a deal came along or a trade was offered.
Quality is a must, and I can be rather picky with some species. If what you have is indeed what I am looking for, we can work something out.
If what you have to trade is not on this list, it's unlikely that I will be interested in it. This list is in no particular order.

  • Keeled Ratsnake
    (Ptyas carinatus)

    I have been searching for specimens of this species for many years with no luck. I remain interested in acquiring some, whether it's one or more. Of course a group of 2.2 hatchlings would be ideal, I'm not holding my breath for that.
  • White Lipped (D'alberts) Pythons
    (Leiopython (Liasis) albertisii)

    I'm only interested in captive born specimens. Hatchlings are fine as long as they are feeding well.
  • Savu Pythons
    (Liasis savuensis)

    Due to the ontogenetic color change of this species, I prefer adult or near adult specimens which have retained a bit of color. Hatchlings from parents with good color would also be considered.
  • Jungle Carpet Pythons
    (Morelia spilota cheynei)

    I'd like to get an additional pair of jungles. I will only consider the very best and most intense yellow. Due to the color requirement, I am only interested in full adults. If you have a couple of real screamers, or even one, let me know.
  • Centralian pythons
    (Morelia bredli)

    I'm looking for at least one additional pair of bredli. They must come from parents with very nice red coloration. Photos of the parents will be required.
  • Eyelash vipers

    Wanting 1.1 clean yellow eyelashes. Must be feeding voluntarily on whole pinks.
  • Mottled Rock rattlesnakes
    (Crotalus lepidus)

    Primarily looking for females, CB or LTC (at least 1 year). Especially interested in specimens from the western part of Texas with red in the coloration. Locality information is appreciated.
Animals I am definitely NOT interested in:

  • Burmese pythons
  • Reticulated pythons
  • Any other snake with an adult size over 10 feet
  • Any ball pythons other than the pieds
  • Any lizards or amphibians not mentioned on this list